Educated, well-trained, and dedicated: First School’s team of teachers work together to provide high-quality early education for children in Northwest Arkansas. The majority of our teachers have degrees in early childhood education or related fields. They also complete yearly continuous education and training as part of their employment. Teachers are carefully selected based on their previous teaching experience and ability to bond and effectively communicate and nurture children. We ensure that all teachers pass stringent background screenings and thoroughly review their personal references. Above all, we strive to employ teachers who genuinely appreciate and value children, who love the early childhood profession, and have a strong, positive curiosity about life that sparks confidence and joy in those around them.

We pride our program on maintaining staff.  Over 50% of our teachers and faculty have been teaching at First School longer than 5 years.  Combined we have over 140 years of teaching experience.

2018-2019 Staff

Teacher & Classroom List

  • Director: Cathy Hairston

  • Toddlers: Cindy Comins, Arielle Bailey

  • Younger 2’s: Tashea Johnson, Elizabeth Wilson, Molina Shutt

  • Older 2’s: Carla Davis, Bridgett Moore, Rosa Marinoni

  • Younger 3’s: Katie Herzog, Nicha Chollapand, Caroline Rochelle

  • Older 3’s: Rachel Thomas, Christian Hornwell, Amy Adams

  • Younger 4’s: Noi Sayabane, Paige Harper, Melissa Ylanan

  • Older 4’s: Emily White, Molina Shutt, Christian Hornwell

  • Kindergarten: Nancy Ho, Tori Moore

  • Music and Support: Grace Mangum